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1. About the company   

OJSK “Krasnogorsky zavod. Zenit-techservice” is established in the year 1999 and fulfils the following activities:

-          technical maintenance of the cash fiscal and non-fiscal registers,

-          sales and maintenance of the cash fiscal and non-fiscal mashines,

-          sales and installation of guard and videomonitoring systems,

-          retailing in photoaccessiries,

-          retail in photoservices and other consumer products,

-          technical maintenance of digital systems for elevators,

-          supply of digital photolabs.


  2. Company Products

The company products:

-          Rifle sights;

-          Camera lenses;

-          Magnifiers,

-          Hook-up for the eyesight with ballistic compensation;

-          Photoframes in wide choice;

-          Micropressurizer MR20-10GK3M;

-          Micropressurizer MR20-10GKZ;

-          Microcompressor MR20-15GKZ;

-          Air consumption actuator PR1-8GKZ;

-          Micropressurizer MP20-15GKZM

-          Manual enhancer MB-10

-          “EFES” stitcher

-          Theatrical spotlight TOP-7

-          Microcompressors under development



Our company undertakes to develop and manufacture all items mentioned above. Please, call us (495)561-2632, (495)562-8119.





The consumer goods developed and manufactured by our company.





-          The centre for the technical maintenance of cash registers and other cash systems

-          Catalogue of the products and accessories (cash mashines)

-          Short operating instructions

-          Contact us

Tel.: +001(495)561-2632                       Tel./Fax: +001(495)563-80-97


e-mail to:





  3.Centre for the technical maintenance and sales of cash mashines



 The Centre of the technical maintenance delivers specialized services for the maintenance, sales and registration of the cash mashines and fiscal registrators.

Our Centre works cince the year 1995. We support 40 different types of cash mashines which may be necessary in your company’s daily activities.

You may receive our consultations for the registration and operation of the cash mashines. Our specialists fulfil the registration duties for the cash mashines in any of the Moscow city Inspections of the Federal Taxation Service.

We replace the electronic control ribbon protection (“EKLZ”) in the same day the customer requested such service.

We registrate the cash mashines in the Inspections of the Federal Taxation Service without the customer’s participation and presence.

We supply any cash mashines to the order.

 We distribute the necessary materials.



4. Distribution and installation of the protection and video monitoring systems




Radiochannel guarding systems and GSM-alerting systems.

OJSK “Krasnogorsky zavod. Zenit-techservice” sells, supports and installs wireless radiochannel and GSM alerting and guarding systems, fulfils their further warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Wireless (radiochannel) systems for guarding, firealerting and guarding signalization are the systems which provide data exchange between alerting systems and the receiving control unit through radiochannel and which ensure the asset security.

The radiochannel protection systems manufactured by “Electronic Lines”, “Caddx”, “DSC” and “Ademco” are widely represented in the domestic market.

Among the local products one may particularly point out the guard and fire alerting radiosystems “Streletz” and “Astra-RI”. These systems may function as well in autonomos mode with sound, light alert and output of the data into PC, as among the traditional systems of the automated fire alert.

The main advantages of the systems are:

-available cost,

-simplicity of installation,

-protection of the windows and door spaces, glass surfaces,

-transmittion of messages over the telephone, radiochannel and Internet,

-identification of faulty alert sensor with the receiver and control unit,

-provision of automated control of functionality of firealert sensors and executive units with automated confirmation of their functionality with automated notification of their failure received by the receiver and control unit,

-automated selection of the communication channel,

-cryptographic signal protection,

-each radio alert sensor may be powered with basic and reserve power source,

-availability of the firealerting and manufacturing automated systems data management,

-enforcement of automated functionality control of the radio alert sensors and identification of faulty devices.

OAO “Krasnogorsky zavod. Zenit-techservice” presents to your assessment also the GSM alerting systems.

Guarding GSM systems are intended for the protection of the garage, apartment, office, cottage and car. In any location of the world within the range of the sellular network you may be sure that your property is not violated and trespassed by criminals, as well as you may exercize the audiomonitoring of the protected room. The alerting system may operatively notify the owner about the events with SMS and by direct calling (it supports up to 8 call numbers).

Should you be interested in our security products you may reach our staff on the following address:

The Russian Federation-143400, the Moscow  region, city Krasnogorsk, Leninstreet, 5 B, “ZENIT” shop, tel.: (495)561-2632.





5. Services

5.1.      Repair of:

-“Zenit”, “Horizon” and “Photosniper” photocameras;

-the rifle sights-PS 4x38, PS 4x43, OP4-2OSHU, NP-75, NV-100-1(2), NV-100-1(2), NV-500, NV-1000, NV-piezo;

-camera lenses: MIR-20M, APO Telezenitar-M 2,8/135 (4,5/300), Variozenitar-K 2,8-3,5/25-45, Zenitar-M 2,8/16 (K 2,8/16, H2,8/16, M1/50), GK-44-2(44M-4,5,6,7), Tair-11A

at the address city Krasnogorsk, Leninstreet, 5 B.

5.2.      Instant photo for different types of documents with the size up to 20x30. Color and Black-and-white. Time of service is 5-10 minutes.

At the address:

-  city Krasnogorsk, Leninstereet, 5 B,

5.2. Processing of photoprints of different formats (10x15, 15x21, 20x30) both from the conventional silver-halide film and from the digital devices (CD, DVD, flash memory and etc.). We print your photos on any type of photosentitized paper at the customer choice (glossy, matte, metallic).

Time of the service-within a day.


- city Krasnogorsk, Leninstereet, 5 B,

5.4.      Production of the business cards.

5.5.      Printing of your images on CD and DVD carriers.

5.6.      Wide-format printing.

Width up to 1,5m, length up to 15m. Quality 300x300 dpi for the indoor and outdoor publicity.

5.7     Photo- and Video- services.

-scanning of conventional photofilm, slides, and photoprints;

-retouching and restoring the aged photoprints;

-removal of the “red eye” effect;

-transfer of VHS analogous video to DVD digital format on DVD carriers;

At the address:

- city Krasnogorsk, Leninstereet, 5 B,

5.8.      Laminating of photos and documents.

At the addresses:

- city Krasnogorsk, Leninstereet, 5 B,

- city Voronezh, Moscow Prospect, 16.

5.9.      Copying of documents on copier.

- city Krasnogorsk, Leninstreet, 5 B,

5.10.      Recharge and repair of the laser printer and copier cartridges. 

- city Krasnogorsk, Leninstreet, 5 B.




6. Shops

The products of our headcompany OJSK “Krasnogorsky zavod. Zenit-techservice” you may purchase in our shops:

- the Russian Federation-143400, the Moscow region, city Krasnogorsk, Leninstreet, 5B, “ZENIT” warranty shop.











































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